About Taco

I am just your normal food-loving computer geek that got tired of computers. One late night whilst battling the evil Monkeysoft empires server minions, I thought to myself: “How hollow and meaningless is this work. We geeks “are nothing but drudgeons to them.”” (bonus points if you get the quote within a quote reference there) “I wanna do something that fills the void that would be my soul if I were a spiritual man.”

So I thought hard about when I am the happiest. Turns-out, I’m happiest when I’m cooking for friends, or helping friends understand technology. So, I dreamt-up this website as an outlet for my frustrations in hopes that you, the reader, will find something to fill that blank void where your would-be soul (or actual soul that you may have lost) was. …And no, I don’t have a real name. Well, I do… but that’s not important. Why Taco Supreme Being? well, all of us computer nerds have a god complex, so why not translate that into the food world as well. Truth is, It made the cute barista laugh at that one coffee place where I spend way too much money (rhymes with “starschmucks”), and it sorta stuck. Seems like a good alias for online shit too! Oh yeah, I cuss a lot BTW.

And before I forget, I got this Cambium theme from BestBlogThemes. BestBlogThemes – Thanks for making a super simple and clean theme without all the crap. It’s just what I was looking for (and saved me weeks of writing it myself). You guys FUCKIN’ ROCK!


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