What we can learn from plants

This was one of the default blog posts that popped up when creating this site. So, I thought… “What can we learn from plants?” The answer is NOTHING. Plants can’t speak, convey emotion, or even sing well. Yes I know you’re probably thinking that we can learn stuff through observation and collecting empirical data… but have you ever seen a plant on improv night? Let’s just say they lack a sense of humor as well. It’s no wonder they evolved to be food.
“But Taco!” you interject… “What about creating oxygen? Without plants we couldn’t breathe.” To this I answer: This just goes to illustrate plants roles as a subservient life form to humans. Plants are our biatches! We chop them up and put them in dinner, make them convert CO2 and water into oxygen, I’ve even seen a few creative uses for cucumbers as well… (Rule 99 of the internet: If you can think of it, it most likely exists on the internet, if it doesn’t exist, it will within 24 hours of googling it).
Bottom line is… I’m not a hater. I regularly eat many yummy plants. Often breathe the oxygen they produce. But can I learn anything from them? Well, until I see a plant giving a lecture at local university, or teaching at a local high school (which actually may be an improvement in some places), I’m gonna stick with “NO.”
Hmm… this rant might be a good segue into some cooking…
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